Annual Parent Surveys:

Every Autumn term, we conduct an annual parental survey. These are a way of our families letting us know what they would like us to prioritise in terms of the education of their children. The surveys are always completed anonymously. The outcome of the 2022 survey can be read from the link below. 

Survey 2022:

This was the first annual parent survey since 2019 and the first full survey taken since the Covid pandemic began in March 2020. There were 156 responses, which represented a 76% return rate (206 families). The survey was divided into three sections:

  1. Section 1 with 12 questions aligned to ParentView;
  2. Section 2 (optional) with a further 8 questions about learning in school and at home as well as vision and values of the school;
  3. Section 3 (optional) with 5 open-ended questions.

Summary of Findings:

The overwhelming majority of responses were positive.
98% responded that their child is happy in school.
100% stated that their child feels safe in school (when combining Strongly Agree and Agree as well as Don’t know hasn’t been an issue though).
99% stated that when concerns have been raised they have been dealt with properly.
98% stated that they would recommend the school to another parent.

The lowest ratings were:
76% stated that there are clubs and activities available for their children.
88% stated that the school teaches their child how to recognise risk to their wellbeing – both online and offline.
90% stated that they are aware of what their child will learn during the year.
91% stated that the school has high expectations for their child.

Next Steps:

  • Investigate and organise a greater range of after school activities and clubs for all ages/abilities and ensure fairness of provision.
  • Ensure communications with families are in a timely fashion and give as much notice as possible.
  • Review the way in which we communicate what the children are learning throughout the year (Curriculum Maps, Meet the Teacher Meetings, termly planners etc.)

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